Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gripes from an iPhone fan: Linksys routers and coffeeshop wifi

One of the most annoying features of the iPhone: every time I'm on-the-go the phone keeps trying to connect to wireless networks that it thinks it can access, but in reality really can't.

This feature is great in my apartment on my password-protected wifi router with a unique name.

But at some point I must have connected to someone's unprotected "linksys" network because every time I turn the beast on in a residential area I get the annoying interruption: incorrect password for network "linksys."

Then there's the time I'm at the coffee shop with non-encrypted wifi but a password protected gateway. Because the signal is strong and no password is detected, the phone automatically connects. Unfortunately, the phone can't tell that all my web requests are being denied and replaced with a password entry page. This completely confuses the non-web features such as maps and email which don't have a way of entering a password, which I probably don't have. So to fix this problem I have to turn off wifi manually.

Of course I know that I can have the phone not search for networks automatically. But that's not what I want either.

I want the phone to not show me every single linksys router, not connect to password gateway networks automatically, but still automatically connect to truly open networks, even those called linksys.

Probably too much to ask.