Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gripes from an iPhone fan: Why is it so quiet?

I'm an Apple Fanboy, my young friends. A regular iWhore, if you will. I'm a busy, educated man with very little patience for badly designed technological products. I deserve better than the latest crap Microsoft tries to monopolize my life with. I'm worth it.

I especially love my iPhone. Changed my life and all that jazz. But that doesn't mean it's free from annoyances.

Why is the speaker so quiet? I find this most annoying when I get out of the shower, usually having received a missed call and accompanying voicemail. I don't want to put the phone to my ear since I'm wet. But, I still want to listen to my voicemail and make a phone call back while I'm drying off. So I use the speakerphone option. But I can barely hear it with the volume turned all the way up. Furthermore, the ringer, which I rarely use, is also way too low. Additionally, when I play YouTube clips for my friends, they can barely hear it.

Is this a battery issue? A speaker technology issue? I'd like to see future iPhones with some more audible punch.


Apple Fanatic said...

I have not had any problems with my iPhone with regards to hearing it while using the speakerphone. It seems to be loud enough for me. Haha maybe you don't treat your iPhone right, do you sing it to sleep at night?

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Way too quiet. Apple, are you paying attention?