Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A proposition of collective nouns

Well, my young friends, here are some of my favorite collective nouns that already exist:
  • a murder of crows
  • a gaggle of geese
  • a business of ferrets
  • a murmuration of starlings
  • a bloat of hippopotami
The list goes on and on. Since I don't see hippopotami all the time, I'd like to propose some new collective nouns that could be used more in our everyday lives:
  • a gelatiny of custards
  • an unwrapping of condoms
  • a slamming of doors
  • a blathering of idiots
  • a fattening of french fries
  • an awkwardness of ex-girlfriends
  • an oblivion of road signs
  • an obnoxiousness of douche-bags
  • an annoyance of co-workers
  • a flatulence of burritos