Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tiki-Ti Drink #6: Tuba Co-Ola

I don't think I've downed a drink that quickly. So good. So good. Perhaps it was the company. Two very attractive actresses, one already famous in Albania. One to be famous in China.

But beware the ill effects of the Tuba Co-Ola. Fairly soon after downing the drink, a very drunk man appeared behind me. He proceeded to tell my friend (famous in Albania) how beautiful she was. He then looked at me and made some sort of gesture as though I was interfering or angry.

I responded, "Oh, am I making this hard for you. Let me just step away for a minute [so you can make a complete ass of yourself]." My friends did not appreciate that. Mistake #1.

Mistake #2: He asked me, "Is this your girl."

"No." It's the truth, but I guess I could have lied. I was told later that I definitely should have lied.

I slowly recovered and did my very best to not make him feel bad and congratulate him for having "cajones."

This probably wouldn't have happened if I had ordered the Pearl Diver.