Friday, October 31, 2008

Review: Jon Lajoie Live at Spaceland, 10/30/08

If you're not familiar with Spaceland, it's because you're not hip/indie/emo/alternative/artistic/eccentric/elitist/poor enough.

Jon Lajoie (by the way, it's pronounced "La Jwa" not "Lay Joy-ee") is obviously not your typical Spaceland artist. Nevertheless, it marked the first time I've seen a You Tube star live.

It's easy for a band to take their songs and play them live. But how does a You Tube star transition from the web to a live performance?

I've got to hand it to Lajoie. He pulled it off creatively. He used a video projector to play some of his "commericals" while doing costume changes back-stage. He'd rap with beats in the background. He'd play solo guitar and sing. In addition to small stand-up comedy bits, he also enacted a live infomercial. Essentially, he's converted his web-presence into a one-man variety show.

I'm not going to lie: he definitely has better presence behind a video camera and URL. But, I was still highly entertained. Check him out if he comes to your area. Also, check out his website: it's stunning (i.e. simultaneous references to Ghostdad, He-man, Michael Keaton, 90210, and Shredder from the Ninja Turtles - genius).

A video of Lajoie live in Canada: