Monday, November 3, 2008

Dear AdSense: I am not Anti-Gay Marriage

I stand with Google and Apple on Prop 8. I see this as an issue of equality and discrimination. Let me say for the record:


Imagine my disappointment when I visited my blog today and discovered this:

That's right: an ad, right under my title, trying to get you to "Vote Yes on Prop 8." I know this is a risk we all take with targeted advertising, but at the same time I feel very strongly that I do not want my content associated with bigotry.

I can prohibit this by blocking the URL, but I feel that is a futile solution. Some other URL with the same message might crop up. I want to prohibit ads that I think are morally wrong.

So, in the mean time, do me a favor and CLICK ON THE AD. Let's make them lose money needlessly (not to mention earn me money).

Anyhow, I'll use the rest of this post to endorse what I feel strongly about.


Yes on Prop 1A: We need rail systems like France and Japan. How great would it be to link two of the greatest cities in the US: SF and LA

Yes on Prop 2: Animals should always be treated as humanely as possible, especially when they are devoting their lives to us. I don't mind paying more for eggs.

No on Prop 4: Haven't we seen this one before?

No on Prop 8: Don't hate.


Anonymous said...

I support YES on prop 8 and I am happy to see it pass. Next we need to ban marriage to blacks, and Hispanics and any other minority only whites have the right to marry period. Once we are done with this we should move forward with the final solution and setup some concentration camps to exterminate all minorities so that our race can run pure.



Maddog said...

Let's see... you want to prohibit inhumane treatment of animals but allow unborn children to be murdered (that's what Obama/Biden want). That's really getting priorities straight -- NOT!